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Applied Psychology

Applied Psychology

What will I learn?

You will learn about psychological approaches and applications.  This means that you will understand and be able to apply the view points of key approaches in psychology.  Namely, social, cognitive, learning and biological psychology.  This will be applied to explain gender identity, aggression and consumer behaviour.

You will learn to use a wide range of concepts such as hostile attribution bias to explain aggression, stereotypes, the influence of brain chemistry and brain damage on behaviour.

Further course content:

Psychological approaches and assumptions

  • Cognitive assumptions - behaviour is a product of information processing
  • Social assumptions - other people, culture and society influence people’s behaviour
  • Learning assumptions - behaviour can be learned from observation
  • Biological assumptions - behaviour is influenced by genes, neurochemistry and the central nervous system.

Application of psychological approaches

  • Use of the approaches will be applied to contemporary issues in society such as aggression, including hostile and instrumental
  • Psychology is applied to business to help explain consumer and employee behaviour
  • The concept of gender indentity will be studied.  The course will cover concepts such as binary, non-binary and gender fluid and other gender indentities.

This course will tackle issues of aggression and gender, two very interesting and current topics in our society.  If you have an inquiring mind, like discussion and like to work hard and find it rewarding, this course will be for you!

What can I do next?

This new BTEC has been developed with employers and professional bodies to make sure that the content of the course is up to date and the skills and knowledge gained are those required in the work sector.  It would be  expected that you would work with people in employment and human resources.  The skills obtained are very flexible and could be applied to other employment types.

This new qualification should make you more employable if you are heading straight into the working sector or as a spring board for further study.  The BTEC national awards count as UCAS points.  The qualification is relevant to further study in a BSc in Psychology.

Careers in Applied Psychology

  • Career Counsellor
  • Clinical Psychologist
  • Child Protection Specialist
  • Development Psychologist
  • Educational Counsellor
  • Educational Psychologist
  • Forensic Psychologist

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