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Lesson Codes

Our timetables use an abreviated code for subjects.  The table below will show you what they are

Code Description
Ad Art & Design
Bb BTEC Business
Bi Biology
Bu Business Studiess
Bx Leisure &Tourism
Cc Child Care
Ch Chemistry
Cl Classics
Cn Construction
Cr Careers
Cs Core Study
Ct Critical Thinking
Cu Customer Service
Da Dance
De German
Dr Drama
Dt Design & Technology
Ec Economics
El English Literature
En English
Ep Ext Project
Es Esol
Fc Finance
Fd Food
Fm Futher Maths
Fr French
Gg Geography
Gr Graphics
Hb Hair/Beauty
Hc Health & Social Care
Hi History
Hu Humanities
Il Italian
Ks Key Skills
La Languages
Lc Learning Centre
Li Literacy
Ls Life Skills
Lw Law
Ma Maths
Mn Manufacturing
Ms Media Studies
Mu Music
Mv Mechanics
Ng Engineering
Pa Perf Arts
Pd Product Design
Pe PE Core
Pg PE Gcse
Ph Physics
Po Politics
Pr Private Study
Ps Psychology
Pt Photography
Px Sports Studies AS/A2
Re Religious Education
Rg Registration
Rm Resistant Materials
Rt Retail
S+ Study Plus
Sb Science
So Sociology
Sp Spanish
Ss Supported Study
Sw Eng Math Sci at home
Sy Systems
Tt Travel & Tourism
Tx Textiles
Ur Urdu
Ws Work Skills
Ye Young Enterprise

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