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Autism - SEND Hub

Admissions Criteria

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What happens if my child doesn't meet the criteria?

If your child does not meet the above criteria for our specialist unit, this doesn't mean they can't be supported by our Jigsaw provision in other ways.  We offer an increasing level of support that we use to tailor our provision on an individual basis.  This can ranged from supporting teachers in the classroom with quality first teaching, to more longer term intervention.  This is outlined below:

Supporting QFT

  • Visual aids for students and staff (visual timetables, communication cards, reminders etc)
  • Specialist equipment/resources (fidget toys, ear defenders etc)
  • Drop-in sessions for students
  • Staff training on specific students/needs
  • Teacher support

Short term support

  • 1:1 personalised targeted sessions (SPDR cycle)
  • Small group sessions
  • 1:1 subject support
  • Social story; Comic strip conversation
  • Access to ELSA support
  • Time-out - supporting emotional dysregulation

Long term intervention

  • 1:1 personalised, targeted sessions in weekly basis
  • Tailored PSHE curriculum
  • Allocated 1:1 subject support
  • Access to ELSA support
  • Time-out - supporting emotional dysregulation


  • Local Authority Specialist placement for students who have an autism diagnosis, an EHCP and require a program of individualised support and coaching in order to engage fully with the curriculum, social expectations and environment of a mainstream secondary curriculum

What is Jigsaw and the Hub?



Our main aim is for students to acquire a personalised toolkit of strategies which enable them to build their independence at secondary school, into Post 16 education and adulthood

How do we support students with autism at KSCS?

We support our students by:

  • Providing a sheltered, safe base for students to access for regulating as well as for timetabled 'interventions'
  • Proving structure and routing for students using clear visual clarification
  • Welcoming students during unstructured times (breaks, lunch and before school)
  • Supporting social interactions between students and their peers
  • Encouraging and developing effective home-school communication so that staff and parents can work together
  • Identifying strategies that work for them
  • Coaching them in using strategies effectively around the school
  • Modelling the principals of good autism practice for all staff
  • Proving guidance and training for all staff in sensory awareness, simplifying language, the use of visual support and breaking learning down into manageable steps

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