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Autism Hub - Training


We offer an ongoing training schedule to schools and organisations across the Peterborough area.  These sessions are designed to enable practioners to better support the students in their care and are delivered by a highly trained and experienced team.  To book a session please contact SENEnquiries [at]

Upcoming Training Sessions

  • Wednesday 7th February (2:15pm-3:15pm) - Autism and Pathological Demand Avoidance

To book please email senenquiries [at]

Previous Training Sessions

  1. An Introduction to Sensory Differences - Available from 7/12/20
  2. Camouflaging in Autism - Available from 4/3/21
  3. Exploring Gender Identity in Autism - Available from 10/5/21
  4. What could an LGBT & RSHE Curriculum look like (focus on Autism) 4/11/21
  5. Autism and Anxiety 10/10/22

Please contact us for further information and resources

Training Sessions

Autism and PDA

Autism and the use of Visual Support

Introduction to Sensory Differences

Camouflaging in Autism

Exploring Gender Identity in Autism

What could an LGBT & RSHE Curriculum look like (focus on Autism)

Autism and Anxiety Training

Autism and Emotional Regulation

Ken Stimpson Academy
Staniland Way
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