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Multicultural Education

The Language Support team at Ken Stimpson Academy is funded by the Local Education Authority who have devolved the Ethnic Minority Achievement Grant funds to the school. The team comprises a teacher and a bilingual assistant who work in class to support the language needs of ethnic minority students and outside the classroom to support the development and achievement needs of those students.

  • Team members work with teachers in different subject areas to:
  • Provide support for students.
  • Develop resources and classroom strategies.
  • Develop the skills of the class teacher to meet the needs of ethnic minority students.
  • Value positively the contribution that these students make to the development of the school as a whole bilingual staff can interpret and provide translations, which help students in class and keep parents informed about what is happening at school. Staff also undertake home visits to assist tutors and Learning Co-ordinators in contacting and informing parents.

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