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Lunch Times

Students are expected to stay on site during the lunch times, only Post 16 students are allowed to use the Werrington Centre at break times.

We have excellent catering facilities for students who buy a lunch or those who have packed lunches. Our canteen utilises a cashless catering system, whereby funds can be added via our online payment system. Lunch time supervisors, teaching staff and three senior members of staff are on duty each day.

Free school meals are available, you can find information on eligability and how to apply here, reception staff are also able to give guidance for this.

Packed lunches may be eaten in the dining room or in designated outside areas. There are separate areas allocated to Year 7 if they wish to use these at lunchtime.

During lunchtime many clubs and practices take place including choir, chess, recorder, history and sports.

There is a rota system for entry into the dining room although Year 7 students will have a few days when they will be escorted in first so that they get used to the system and what is on offer in the canteen.

KS Breakfast

We are pleased to be able to offer a Free Breakfast for all students!

Open to all, students will be able to choose from a bagel/cereal and hot drink.

Join our friendly morning club, play games, watch tv or read as you enjoy your breakfast

The canteen will be open from 8am with service finishing at 8:25am We look forward to seeing students take advantage of this offer!

See below for our full breakfast menu


Our menus can be downloaded below:

  • Canteen Prices - a list of most of the items we have on offer and their cost
  • Breakfast Menu - our daily breakfast menu
  • Current Menu - these options change daily and are available during Break 1 and Break 2
  • The daily specials are also on display at the service counters every morning
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