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Anti-Bullying Policy


Admission Policy (Reviewed: 02/2024)
Anti-Bullying Policy (Reviewed: 03/2021)
Attendance and Punctuality (Reviewed: 11/2021)
CCTV Policy (Reviewed: 12/2020)
Equipment (Reviewed: 07/2024)
Governor Charging Policy (Reviewed: 01/2019)
Homework (Reviewed: 02/2022)
Leave of Absence (Reviewed: 09/2019)
Lunch Times (Reviewed: 01/2023)
Marking Policy (Reviewed: 09/2016)
Pupil Premium (Reviewed: 12/2023)
School Day (Reviewed: 07/2023)
Support and Supervision Policy (Reviewed: 09/2022)
Examinations Policy (Reviewed: 03/2023)
Exams Information (Reviewed: 12/2023)
Behaviour for Learning Policy (Reviewed: 05/2023)
Post 16 Admission Criteria (Reviewed: 03/2019)
Uniform Policy (Reviewed: 07/2023)
E-Safety (Reviewed: 03/2021)
(MAT) 16-19 Bursary Policy (Reviewed: 10/2023)
(MAT) Allergy and anaphylaxis (Reviewed: 06/2024)
(MAT) Anti-Fraud Policy (Reviewed: 06/2024)
(MAT) Asset Management Plan (Reviewed: 06/2023)
(MAT) Child Protection Policy (Reviewed: 10/2021)
(MAT) Children in Care Policy (Reviewed: 06/2022)
(MAT) Complaints Policy (Reviewed: 03/2023)
(MAT) Contractors Policy (Reviewed: 10/2023)
(MAT) Copying Policy (Reviewed: 06/2022)
(MAT) DSE Assessment (Reviewed: 11/2023)
(MAT) ECT Induction Policy (Reviewed: 06/2022)
(MAT) Energy Management Policy (Reviewed: 03/2024)
(MAT) First Aid Policy (Reviewed: 10/2021)
(MAT) Flexible working policy (Reviewed: 11/2023)
(MAT) GDPR Policy (Reviewed: 06/2022)
(MAT) Gender Pay Gap Report (Reviewed: 03/2022)
(MAT) Grievance Procedure (Reviewed: 11/2023)
(MAT) Health and Safety Policy (Reviewed: 10/2023)
(MAT) ICT - Working with DSE (Reviewed: 04/2013)
(MAT) ICT Staff Policies (Reviewed: 06/2021)
(MAT) ICT Student Policies (Reviewed: 03/2022)
(MAT) Intimate Care Policy (Reviewed: 03/2022)
(MAT) Investment Policy (Reviewed: 06/2023)
(MAT) Laptop User Guide (Reviewed: 11/2023)
(MAT) Lettings Policy (Reviewed: 12/2020)
(MAT) Manual Handling Policy (Reviewed: 10/2023)
(MAT) Menopause Policy (Reviewed: 03/2023)
(MAT) Pay Policy (Reviewed: 11/2023)
(MAT) Plagiarism Policy (Reviewed: 03/2024)
(MAT) Reference Writing Policy (Reviewed: 03/2019)
(MAT) Risk Assessment Policy (Reviewed: 10/2023)
(MAT) Safeguarding Policy (Reviewed: 09/2023)
(MAT) Security Policy (Reviewed: 03/2022)
(MAT) Staff Development (Reviewed: 04/2017)
(MAT) Staff Wellbeing Policy (Reviewed: 06/2021)
(MAT) Trips and Visits Policy (Reviewed: 06/2022)
(MAT) Visiting Speakers Policy (Reviewed: 06/2022)
(MAT) Whistleblowing Policy (Reviewed: 11/2023)

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