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2021-22 Key Information

September Update

Lateral Flow Device (LFD) Testing

There will be an initial phased return to school for students. This is to ensure that they can be laterally flow tested (LFD) as per the government requirements, where consent is given. Where consent is provided, students are required to be tested twice within the first school week of returning so we can start the term with confidence.

The schedule of the first test is listed below, beginning with the new year 7 students. These students will have a specially arranged induction day on Thursday before officially starting their term on Monday 6 September. Details of the booking times during the morning and afternoon will be sent to you and your child after giving consent. On the testing day, the students will be given a time slot to come into school to be tested, and then go home. They do not need to wear the school uniform on the testing day and the whole process should be completed within a one-hour time slot.

September LFT testing rota for all year groups

  • We are required to test students twice the space of 3 - 5 calendar days at the start of the new term.
  • Please complete the consent form to enable your child/you (if over 16) to be tested – the link for this will have been emailed to you.
  • Note that there will be a staggered start to the term dates in red are the revised starting dates.
  • Assembly Hall is the venue for testing. Timeslots will be emailed to students in advance of the allocated test date.
  • 2nd test will be three to five days after the first test in purple. Students will be informed of this once they return.


Year Group to be tested

Start of term date

Wednesday 1 September

Year 7

NB: Year 7 students will be in for an induction on Thursday 2 September
Monday 6 September

Friday 3 September

Year 11

Monday 6 September


Monday 6 September

Year 10 & Post16

Tuesday 7 September

Tuesday 7 September

Year 9 & Year 8

Wednesday 8 September

Students will then commence face-to-face lessons on the dates above coloured in red. Further details about track and trace and isolation can be found here. Finally, we are really looking forward to welcoming the students back.

You can find information on our Remote Learning provision and guidance on how to follow our programme by visiting our guidance page here

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