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is eligible for a Hub place?

Students will:-

  • Have a diagnosis of autism
  • Have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP)
  • Be in Key Stage 3 or Key Stage 4 (Year 7-11)
  • Require a program of individualised support and coaching in order to engage fully with the curriculum, social expectations and environment of a mainstream secondary curriculum
  • Aspire to being educated in secondary mainstream lessons alongside their peers


does KSCS support students with a Hub place?

KSCS Jigsaw staff will:-

  • Provide a sheltered, safe base for students to access for regulating as well as for timetabled ‘interventions’
  • Provide structure and routine for students using clear visual clarification
  • Welcome students during unstructured times (break, lunch and before school)
  • Support social interactions between students and their peers
  • Encourage and develop effective home-school communication so that staff and parents can work together in supporting students
  • Support students in identifying strategies that work for them
  • Coach students in using strategies effectively around the school
  • Model the principles of good autism practice for all staff
  • Provide guidance and training for all staff in sensory awareness, simplifying language, the use of visual support and breaking learning down into manageable steps

 KSCS staff aspire to:-

Promote mutual respect amongst the school community to ensure an inclusive, supportive and reflective environment within which students on the autism spectrum can thrive.


are the aims of a Hub placement?

Students will:-

  • Acquire a personalised toolkit of strategies which enable them to build their independence at secondary school, into Post-16 education and adulthood.

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